To the 2018 Michigan Busker Fest!

Our introduction begins with our most commonly asked question... What is a BUSKER? Answer: A person who entertains in a public place for donations. So building on that foundation, we welcome you to our Busker Fest; our gathering of public performers who will amaze you with their various talents. 

SEE --- Amazing Acts of Skill!
SEE --- Amazing Acts of Bravery!
SEE --- Amazing Acts of Insanity!

All of these and many more surprises await you on this special weekend. Browse our performance schedule below so your sure not to miss a thing. Don't forget to say thanks to our many sponsors who are sponsoring the 2018 Michigan Busker Fest!


Performance Schedule


STAGE: Farmers Market Stage Museum Stage Imlay City Pool Lot Stage Beverage Tent Stage
TIME: 4:00 Andrew Lopatin 4:15 Sam Malcolm 4:30 Silver Starlets 5:45 Andrew Lopatin
  5:00 John Park 5:15 Allez-Oops 5:30 Tony Steinbach 6:45 Sam Malcolm
  6:00 Silver Starlets 6:15 John Park 6:30 Allez-Oops 7:45 John Park
  7:00 Andrew Lopatin 7:15 Tony Steinbach 7:30 Silver Starlets 8:45 Tony Steinbach
  8:00 Allez-Oops 8:15 Sam Malcolm 8:30 Andrew Lopatin 9:45 Sam Malcolm
  9:00 Silver Starlets 9:30 Ohio Burn Unit 9:30 Allez-Oops  


STAGE: Farmers Market Stage Museum Stage Imlay City Pool Lot Stage Beverage Tent Stage
TIME: 12:00 Silver Starlets 12:15 Andrew Lopatin 12:30 Kate Mior 12:45 Allez-Oops
  1:00 John Park 1:15 Sam Malcolm 1:30 Tony Steinbach 1:45 Kate Mior
  2:00 Allez-Oops 2:15 Silver Starlets 2:30 Andrew Lopatin 2:45 TBA
  3:00 Sam Malcolm 3:15 Kate Mior 3:30 John Park 3:45 Tony Steinbach
  4:00 Andrew Lopatin 4:15 TBA 4:30 Silver Starlets 4:45 Sam Malcolm
  6:15 Kate Mior 6:30 Tony Steinbach 7:00 Allez-Oops 6:45 Andrew Lopatin
  7:15 Silver Starlets 7:30 John Park 8:00 Sam Malcolm 7:45 TBA
  8:15 Tony Steinbach 8:30 Allez-Oops 9:00 TBA 8:45 John Park
  9:30 Ohio Burn Unit 9:30 Ohio Burn Unit   9:45 Sam Malcolm



Witness the following spectacular performances...



Without Whose Support, the Fun Would Not Exist...



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